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The Reaffirmation of Accreditation Process

UWest’s Accreditation Reaffirmed Until 2021

University of the West has received the WASC Senior College and University Commission’s action letter announcing their decision to reaffirm UWest’s accreditation for the period of seven years. In the March 6, 2015 Action Letter, the Commission noted that, “In taking this action to reaffirm accreditation, the Commission confirms that University of the West has satisfactorily addressed the Core Commitments to Student Learning and Success; Quality and Improvement; and Institutional Integrity, Sustainability, and Accountability…Between this action and the time of the next review, the institution is encouraged to maintain its compliance with WSCUC standards and uphold its commitment to continuous quality improvement.”

The Commission has scheduled UWest’s next Accreditation Visit in fall 2021. A special visit was conducted in spring 2017 to review the university’s progress in the areas of strategic planning, analysis of disaggregated student success data, and development of graduate culture. A regular Mid-Cycle Review report will be due in spring 2019.

The March 6, 2015 Action Letter and all other relevant reports and responses related to UWest’s reaffirmation of accreditation process are linked below.

2014 Educational Effectiveness Review

University of the West completed the final phase in its reaffirmation of accreditation process with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). The reaccreditation process consisted of two main reviews, the Capacity and Preparatory Review (CPR), which took place in 2010, and the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER). The EER began with a self-study, the EER report, which UWest submitted to WSCUC in August 2014, followed by the EER visit, October 27-29, 2014. The EER team visit was experienced as an affirming and constructive event that enjoyed wide participation by UWest students, faculty, trustees, staff, and alumni.

UWest Accreditation Website

To help UWest faculty and staff prepare for EER, the accreditation team has created a new website to provide information about accreditation at UWest and guide the process of planning, evidence gathering, evaluation, and improvement. This website includes information about program review and assessment, resources, and examples of activities at other universities and colleges. You may access it at: http://uwestassess.wordpress.com.

The Fall 2012 Special Visit

Following the 2010 CPR visit, the WASC Commission made several recommendations for improvement that UWest needed to address before moving on to the EER. A Special Visit was scheduled for October 2012, during which a visiting team verified that UWest had made significant progress in seven areas of concern: mission, board of trustees, leadership, resources, academics, faculty, and assessment. Details of the university’s extensive preparations for the Special Visit can be found in UWest’s 2012 Special Visit Report. After the successful visit, the WASC Commission confirmed the EER visit for fall 2014 (see the March 2013 Action Letter, below).

Significant Progress

UWest has made important strides in many areas thanks to the improvements implemented in preparation for the 2012 Special Visit. These changes resulted in enrollment growth in the 2012/13 academic year, with a 75% increase in applications and a 30% increase in enrollment over 2011. The UWest student body now includes students from 33 different countries, and many have received financial support via the new donor-funded Lotus Scholarship. Student satisfaction has improved and UWest expects to graduate even more students in 2013.

Publishing the WSCUC Documents

In the spirit of transparency, UWest strives to keep all members of the campus community– faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, and donors– informed about the university’s progress towards successful reaccreditation. At the bottom of this page, you will find links to all of the pertinent WSCUC documents, beginning with the most recent.

For questions, concerns, or more information, please contact Dr. Peter M. Rojcewicz, Accreditation Liaison Officer, at ext. 107, peterr@uwest.edu, or stop by his office in AD203.