About Us

Consortium Schools

UWest belongs to two university consortiums and maintains formal agreements and informal contact with many other schools and colleges.

Fo Guang Shan University Consortium

Fo Guang Shan University Consortium includes University of the West in the United States, Fo Guang University and Nan Hua University in Taiwan, Nan Tien Graduate Institute in Australia, and Guan Ming College in the Philippines. Students from FGU and NHU regularly participate in 2+2 degree programs that allow for two years of study in Taiwan and two in the United States, resulting in degrees from both UWest and their Taiwanese school. UWest students have also studied at FGU in the graduate program for Buddhist studies.

Inter-Religious Consortium

UWest belongs to a local inter-religious consortium with Claremont School of Theology, Bayan Claremont, the Academy for Jewish Religion, and the Indic Foundation. Together, these institutions share expertise and experience in religious studies across the five major world religions—Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism—fostering faculty collaboration and allowing student cross-registration. UWest graduate students my enroll in coursework at these other schools as part of their degree at UWest and vice versa. Please talk to your academic advisor and the registrar if you are interested in this option.

UWest also has partnership and articulation agreements with fourteen other universities in Taiwan, sixteen universities in mainland China, seven universities in South Korea, and informal relationships with several others.