About Us

A Message from Our President

uwest_president_resizedUniversity of the West takes pride in offering a unique educational experience. At University of the West you will discover a learning community that combines educational excellence, a highly personalized environment, and an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of both eastern and western cultures as they continue to develop in today’s world. All of our activities including building the academic strengths of our students, enhancing their understanding of world cultures, and encouraging them to develop their own personal beliefs, are pursued embracing the values of our mission of providing a whole-person education in a context informed by Buddhist wisdom and values. Our students not only master a body of knowledge, but they also learn to understand, appreciate, and function effectively in today’s multicultural society. In addition, they are encouraged to explore and cultivate their own personal values and sense of social responsibility.

At University of the West you will find faculty who are not only experts in their disciplines and experienced in their professions, but who are also outstanding teachers and researchers who will challenge you and demand your highest levels of performance. They will prepare you to pursue your dreams and be successful in our ever changing world. They will teach you to think critically, to solve problems, to adapt to change, to be effective leaders in your field, and to rely on the moral compass that will guide your actions. They will also prepare and encourage you to pursue a lifelong path of learning, a path that continues long after you complete your studies at University of the West.

As we watch our world grow smaller and more interdependent through instant communication, rapid transportation, and economic growth, there has never been greater need to understand and appreciate our multicultural society, nor has there been greater opportunity to participate in worldwide endeavors. At University of the West we prepare our students to be successful in this world of change and opportunity.

I invite you to visit our campus. Meet our faculty and professional team to learn why University of the West is the right choice for those who want to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities our world holds.

Dr. Stephen Morgan, President

To learn more about Dr. Morgan’s long academic career, please read his biography.