Aspiring Students

Welcome, You’ve Come To The Right Place

We teach differently because we think differently.

We believe professors should know their students’ names. We believe a reasonable education should come at a reasonable price. And we believe the bigger our ambitions and the wider our perspective, the smaller the world gets. We don’t think this philosophy should be unusual in higher education—and at UWest it’s the norm.

We accept you!

We don’t think tests should tell us about you; we think you should tell us about you. UWest’s unique admissions system favors a personal statement over test scores to let us know who you are and what you hope to do. If you’ve got big plans for your future, there’s a place for you at UWest. Bring your ambition and we’ll provide the rest. Explore our admissions requirements here and let us help you take your next step toward success.

Your success is our goal.

If you fail, we fail. And we never fail. UWest provides the support you need to succeed. From mapping out your personalized academic program, providing educational assistance when you need it, to helping you decide how to use your degree once you graduate, UWest’s Student Success Center and faculty advisors have you covered.


Although we draw our approach to learning from Buddhist traditions, you don’t have to be Buddhist to attend. UWest believes in educating the whole person, developing mind, body and spirit for a truly balanced education. And yes, you’ll definitely meet Buddhist monks and nuns in your classes. Say hi to them. Monks and nuns always have the best stories!

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