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Change of Address Procedures

Procedures for Changing Your Address

This Must be Done within 10 Days of Moving!!

  1. Within ten days of moving, please come to AD103 and we will update your address in USCIS. I will then update it in the SEVIS website. It is better to do this procedure in person at my office, in case you have difficulties with the link. I need for you to make an appointment for this rather than just drop in, However, if your only option is to scan and email your address change to me from elsewhere, please go to: is important to fill out every item that has a red star next to it as these items are required by USCIS. When you are done, print out the receipt as directed and keep it with your I-20, visa and passport. Then scan it and email it to
  2. Please also contact the Registrar within ten days of your move about your Change of Address. There are forms for this in the cubbies in the foyer of AD102 (Admissions and Registrar’s office). The Registrar will change your address as written on the Change of Address form in the UWEST system.
  3. The next step, which is very important for you personally, is to make sure that you have changed your address with the United States Post Office in your area. It is good to do this just before you move as the Post Office can take a bit of time to get your mail forwarded. You can either go to the Post Office (free) in your area to change your address or go online to and change your address on the computer (they will charge a small fee on your debit or credit card). Also let all of your family and friends know of your address change plus all of the business to whom you pay bills. This would include your banks, credit card companies, cell phone provider, DMV, IRS, or Social Security (if you have a SSN card for work study at UWEST or are involved in CPT or OPT.)

Leslieb Bazzano, DSO
University of the West
International Student Services Advisor
Room: AD103