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International Student Health Insurance

Medical care in the United States is much more costly than in many other countries. To safeguard UWest’s F-1 students and to make sure that they have adequate coverage in the event of serious illness or injury, UWest has sought out a health insurance plan that provides students with full medical coverage. All F-1 students are required to maintain this coverage for the duration of their studies, including periods of non-attendance such as summer break. This insurance is mandatory and will not be waived for any reason. F-1 students are automatically enrolled in the insurance plan at the start of each fall and spring term, and the fee is due in full when tuition and fees for the term are due. New F-1 students will be enrolled in the plan applicable to their starting term, and in each term thereafter. Coverage includes winter, spring, and summer breaks.

Total Monthly Cost
Coverage Period Months Semester Fee
Fall Semester & Winter Break 5 $970
Spring- Continuing 7 $1,358
Spring- Graduating 5 $970
Summer 1, New Student Only 3 $582
Summer 2, New Student Only 2 $388

Please contact the Office of Student Life for more detailed information.

Important F-1 Student Health Insurance Information

What to do after you enroll with GGH?
As soon as you are enrolled with GGH Benefits, you need to set up your personal account on their website.

Question: How do I set up my personal GGH account?
Visit the UWEST insurance page at Ascension here for all your insurance information needs and step-by-step instructions on how to get signed up through the GGH website. You can also download the GGH Benefits app from the app store on your smartphone. This is a brilliant way to get connected with all the tools and services that GGH has to offer.

Question: What if I just go to a hospital, urgent care, or doctor and then deal with the health insurance afterward?
It is important that you find your emergency and urgent care facilities and choose your primary care doctor before you need their services. That way you’re ready at a moment’s notice with all your information. You don’t want to start looking when you are sick or in an emergency situation. Inform yourself and be prepared!

Question: Why should I do this now? Can’t I just wait until I need to use the insurance?
This is not a good idea. If you use a doctor or a facility that is not in the GGH network, you will have to pay a significant part of the bill out of your own pocket. Such expenses can easily run into the thousands of dollars!

Question: What if I cannot understand how to sign up or what my benefits are?
Feel free to address any questions regarding international student insurance to Eddie Escalante in the office of Student Life. He and his team are ready to help.

Eddie Escalante
Phone: (626) 677-3317 x317

Find A Doctor, Urgent Care Facility, or Hospital Near UWest

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