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The following is a list of options for receiving help with your tax forms. Please do not seek tax advice from personnel in International Student Services or the Payroll Office as they are not qualified or permitted to offer this service. Keep in mind that most tax preparers are not familiar with international tax issues, so specialized assistance may be necessary.


  1. – This is the main web site for federal tax forms and information. Telephone numbers are listed on the site for receiving tax guidance from IRS personnel.
  2. – Tax Guide for Aliens – IRS Publication 519. Some other publications that you may need include 1040NR-EZ, 1040NR, and 8843.
  3. NAFSA –
  4. A privately hired accountant or other tax preparation professional.

Additional Questions and Answers

Do I have to file my US Tax Returns?
Federal regulations require that all F-1 students must file U.S. tax returns.

What is the deadline?
The US income tax return due date is April 15. Students with only passive income have until June 15th to file their federal income tax return. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain an extension to file your USA Income Tax Return, if you file an extension request before the above due dates and have paid all your income taxes. If state and local income tax returns are due, their due date maybe different than the federal due date.

Who can apply for a refund?
If you worked in the US, and had a social security number, you can apply for a refund. All nationalities can apply. You may also be eligible for a tax refund, if you had an IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and had USA income tax withheld on passive income such as dividends, etc.

Can I do it myself?
Yes you can file your taxes by yourself. This can be tricky for international students so it is suggested that you get some assistance, either from a tax return company or tax accountant.

How much can I get back?
This depends on how much you earn, and also on your visa type, nationality and length of time spent in the US. This is all taken into account when calculating your tax refund.

What is a W2 form?
This is a statement from your employer of how much money you have earned, and how much Federal, State, Local, Social Security and Medicare taxes have been deducted on your behalf. Your employer should send this to you the year after your employment. For example, if you work during 2005, you will receive your W2 during 2006.

Additional reminder: Be sure to sign your tax forms before sending them in the mail and always keep a copy of your forms for your records.