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When Should an F-1 Student Contact Their DSO?

Contact the International Student Advisor Before You:

  • Reduce the number of hours/units you are taking in your classes
  • Accept any kind of employment: keep in mind that just because an employer lets you work does not mean that it is legal for you to work
  • Leave the US
  • Return to the US late (after the first day of the semester)
  • Transfer to another school

Contact the International Student Advisor AS SOON AS:

  • You change your address
  • You change your status (from F-1 to another status such as H1B, Permanent Resident [Green Card] and so on
  • You lose or misplace your I-20, I-94 Card (white card attached to your F-1 Visa) or your I-94 printout
  • Your program of study changes
  • Your financial information changes
  • Your program end date is coming up but you are not ready to graduate

Always Contact Your International Advisor before You Leave the US (including going to Mexico and Canada)

Before you leave the US, the International Student Advisor will:

  • Sign page #3 of your I-20 for re-entry into the US.
  • Check your I-20, Passport and F-1 Visa to make sure that everything is up-to-date
  • Write a letter for you if you are renewing your Visa or traveling during the semester
  • Write a letter for you if you are applying for a Visa to another country

The International Student Advisor also helps you with documents for:

  • Verification of Enrollment for Visa Renewal and Re-Entry into the United States
  • Driver’s License (what you will need for the DMV: check first with the DMV at
  • Social Security Card Application
  • OPT Applications
  • Invitation letters for Family Members in order to get their travel Visas
  • And many other things…Most of these instructions can be found under the Internationals Student Services website under admission on the our UWEST website:; this will help you get started!

Just ask for an appointment at