Endowment Funds

Endowed gifts are different in that instead of being consumed immediately, they are allocated to an account that continues to grow over time. A donation account is established where the annual investment earnings are used for a purpose you specify, such as a scholarship or support for a specific program. In this way, your endowment gift continues to grow over time with a lasting impact on UWest in perpetuity.

How does it work?

An endowment is established when your account contains a minimum balance of $10,000. There is no maximum level for an endowed fund, and anyone may add to the fund at any time. The account may be a one-time funded gift, or pledged to be paid over the course of time, and even a will or another deferred gift vehicle. You may name the fund and its designated use at UWest.

With the foundation at your side, we will work with you to develop the criteria you specify as a donor as well as the goals of the University. You may change the purpose of the endowed fund at anytime you believe your interests and goals change. Just contact a UWest Foundation staff and we will work with you to establish the new criteria.

Endowment fund distributions are made based on a certain percentage of the fund on July 1 every year. The distribution amount is generally 5% and varies based on the performance of its investments. The UWest foundation will receive a small amount to cover its costs for accounting and administering the endowment. You will receive an annual report with details of its performance as well as how the earnings were utilized by UWest.

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