Impact of Giving

Benefits of Giving

There are many benefits associated with making a donation. One major benefit is the knowledge and peace of mind that you are making our goal of changing lives possible. We honor our donors in specific newsletter publications, and donations to the University are considered tax deductible. With your help and consideration, underprivileged but promising students can achieve a quality education to equip them with the skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.

UWest student Nathan Michon Nathan Michon
Doctoral Student in Buddhist Studies

While studying in Europe, Nathan worked with a diverse array of people devoting their lives to helping those in some of the most dire circumstances: those willingly go to war-torn, and sometimes intense conflict zones to help civilians in need.Although the hearts of these people were enormous, he also learned of the high burn-out rate in the field. He has come to University of the West to research meditation techniques and various tools from the contemplative traditions that can help sustain the effort and train the hearts and minds of those working in conflict transformation and peacekeeping operations.He was attracted to the University of the West by its mission and goals, which aim to make the world a better place and hopes that his research can live up to those noble standards.

UWest student Norbert Kawooya Norbert Kawooya
Business Program Student

My name is Norbert Kawooya and I am majoring in Business at University of the West. My home is several miles away in Uganda, East Africa. Every single day that passes, I say a little prayer for my motherland to come out of conflict and poverty and embrace the same dreams that the rest of the world has taken for granted for a very long time. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to not only study at the University of the West but also to be able to have an experience of what life can be in a foreign country and especially here in America. My dream is to one day be able to share my experience and skills in my own home country and to put to use the skills that I will learn in my major to help improve the living conditions of those who need it most.My education has been possible all because of Scholarship aid from the University of the West and my best wish is that one day, someone else in my position, will also be given a chance to a good education in order to get a second chance to life.I am forever grateful to all you donors out there who have made this possible for me and may you be rewarded abundantly!

UWest student Zhi Yun Cai, Venerable Long Yun Zhi Yun Cai (Venerable Long Yun)
2nd year Doctoral Student in Buddhist Studies

“The IBEF scholarship was the only means by which I could attend the University of the West.” Ven. Long Yun was ordained as a Buddhist nun in China. Inspired by Master Xing Yun’s advice to her years ago to bring Buddhism to the West, her lifelong dream is to “spread the light of the Dharma throughout the U.S.”As a Buddhist nun, however, she did not have the financial resources to pay for tuition. “Without the scholarship, I would have had to decline my acceptance to the University of the West.” In addition to being a diligent graduate student, Ven. Long Yun also serves as a resident assistant in the dormitories as well as a tutor for Chinese language within the university to offset the remaining tuition and housing costs.She is grateful for the scholarship and knows that this along with her graduate studies at the University of the West will help her achieve her dream.

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