Team UWest

Dr. Allen Huang, former president of University of the West, established Team UWest to drive the fundraising movement that promotes a “whole person” education in a context informed by Buddhist wisdom and values and to facilitate cultural understanding and appreciation between East and West.

In the past two years, the majority of UWest’s employees have contributed to the university in support of higher education through monthly payroll deductions.

From scholarships to guest lecturers, from infrastructure to operating expenditures, and from academic programs to administrative enhancements, your support for our shared vision in Chinese Buddhism contributes to the exciting momentum that we have at UWest today.

We encourage you today to join the growing list of supporters by making a tax-deductible contribution. Your charitable donation is an investment in higher education and in the future of University of the West. With your support, we will ensure that the university and our students continue to prosper for decades to come.

Camacho, Pedro
Chong, Amy
Fang, Lezli
Ho, Frederick
Hsiao, Grace
Hsu, Judy
Karam, Vanessa
Kosareff, Jason
Kuo, Ling Ling
Lee, Chuck
Lin, Jeffrey
Long, Bruce
Long, Darui
Phan, Dr. Richard
Segura, Julio
Tan, Ricky
Tang, Kwan Ping
Chen, Huai Yu
Huang, Allen
Mai, Li Chen
Warnasuriya, Kottegoda
Williams, Gloria

If you are a staff personnel at University of the West, you can join the Team UWest program by downloading and submitting the form below to the Department of Human Resources. It’s quick, easy, and a great way to support your institution.

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