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Pink Lotus

Chinese Buddhism: A New Look

A special series of eight lectures
August 16-26, 2010

Monday-Thursday evenings
7:30-9:00 p.m.
Venue: Room CE101
University of the West
1409 Walnut Grove Ave.
Rosemead, CA 91770
Tel: 626.571.8811 Ext: 317

Online via webconference (link will be sent via e-mail)

These lectures will trace the emergence of Mahayana Buddhism as a literate tradition in India and its subsequent spread through Central Asia into the capital of the Han dynasty. The focus will be on the ways in which writing of texts was done and used by the differing communities. This will be followed by a discussion of how Buddhist canon in Chinese came into existence, the nature of it, and the use over the centuries in political and social life. The final two lectures will be a summary of how the Buddhist tradition traced through its written materials took root among the people of East Asia who engaged in the process of adding their own original works.

Lecture Details:

First Week
  • Monday, Aug 16 - Lecture One "Seaport Buddhism"
  • Tuesday, Aug 17 - Lecture Two "Hinterland Buddhism of the Oases"
  • Wednesday, Aug 18 - Lecture Three "Strangers in a Foreign Land: Han Interaction"
  • Thursday, Aug 19 - Lecture Four "Writing as Sacred Object"

Second Week
  • Monday, Aug 23 - Lecture Five "Reading as Ritual"
  • Tuesday, Aug 24 - Lecture Six "Canon and Political Legitimacy"
  • Wednesday, Aug 25 - Lecture Seven "Turkic and Nomadic Empires Buddhism"
  • Thursday, Aug 26 - Lecture Eight "Origin-East Asia: Buddhism with a New Look"
Two ways to Attend:

On Campus lectures in person

Dr. Lancaster will be on the UWest campus to deliver this lecture series so persons interested can attend the lectures live. 

The classroom, CE101, is located in the Continuing Education Building, across the upper parking lot from the Administration Building. 

Please follow the registration procedures below. On the day of lectures, on-site registration and the acceptance of donations in support ICBS and this lecture series will be available.


Live Online Web Conference lectures

You will be provided with a quick start guide to joining the online web conferences. There are no special software requirements, so there is nothing to download and install.  These are the requirements to note:

  • Your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) and Flash Player need to be up to date
  • You will need either computer speakers or headphones to listen to the proceedings
  • You may need a projector and movie screen for small or large groups viewing from a single location, otherwise and average-to-large computer monitor is fine
  • You will need a fast and stable internet connection

Registration Information:

About registration:

For individuals interested in attending all lectures either "live on-campus" or "live online" including access to lecture recordings online afterwards, please send a check to Institute of Chinese Buddhist Studies, with an amount of $100, payable to "University of the West", and write on the check memo "ICBS". You can also pay on site.

Donate to support ICBS programs :

By mail: send a check with the contribution amount along with personal contact information including a valid email address.

Through Paypal: Provide a valid email address along with the contribution amount and you will be notified of your registration through email.


About the Lecturer: Dr. Lewis Lancaster

Dr. Lewis Lancaster, professor emeritus UC Berkeley and Internationally renowned Buddhist Scholar, will be on campus for a series of lectures on the Spread of Buddhism into China. These lectures update and revise his approach first presented in the online course "Spread of Buddhism to Central Asia & China."

Your contribution for this lecture series is greatly appreciated.

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