Student Early Alert System (SEAS)

The SEAS program is in place to allow faculty and staff to refer students whose success is in jeopardy for any reason.

Faculty and staff who observe a student who is not making satisfactory progress, is in academic difficulties, is exhibiting behaviors that may lead to academic difficulties, or seems to be in extreme distress of any nature are encouraged to report their concern to the SEAS Team using a SEAS Referral Form.

SEAS Referrals are directed to the Success Center Coordinator and forwarded to the SEAS Team. This team will take appropriate action to improve the student's chance of success at UWEST.

How to use:

Click on SEAS Referral Form to report a student.

  • Complete the form thoroughly and accurately.
  • Alerts are emailed to the Student Success Coordinator.

Find the directory of key SEAS Team members under Contact Personnel.