About Golden Benefactor Awards

The Golden Benefactor Awards, formerly known as "Donor Scholarships," is a form of financial aid for continuing students at UWest.

Applicants are awarded this form of financial aid based on a combination of financial need, academic aptitude, merit, and personal character.

Students interested in applying for aid are encouraged to visit each donor scholarship page listed here for eligibility. After carefully reviewing the outlined policies and completing any requirements, you can submit your application.

Application Deadline

Fall semester: The first Monday following the last day of the previous Spring semester

Spring Semester: The first Monday following the last day of the previous Fall semester

Where to Submit the Application

Please submit your application by mail (not e-mail) to the Office of Financial Aid prior to the deadline to:

Attn: Office of Financial Aid
University of the West
Re: Golden Benefactor Awards Application
1409 N. Walnut Grove Avenue
Rosemead, CA 91770