Notable Speakers

Venerable Master Hsing Yun

"Once again, in May of this year, the University will see its graduates getting ready for a new venture in their lives. In ancient China, the age of twenty represented the beginning of adulthood, while graduation symbolized an accomplishment of a learning stage. From the day of graduation, these young people will go into society, like eagles soaring high, carry on great responsibilities, and serve the communities with great talents and wisdom.

Life, however, is a continuous learning experience, and also a school that one can never graduate from. The real learning begins right on the day of graduation. I wish all our new graduates will reap a harvest of their continuous learning each day of their lives."

Howard Ting

Mr. Ting is the CEO of Green Century Development, in addition to holding several other positions. As a Senior V.P. of YK America International Group, he has been instrumental in working with local civic organizations and governments in building the Delano Market, EI Centro Town Center, and the Pomona Ranch Plaza.

His drive to success is evidenced by the companies and organizations he is associated with. Mr. Ting holds a business degree from CSU Fullerton, and is also involved in education as an International Business adjunct faculty member and student mentor at CSU Long Beach.