Wenzhou University Delegation meeting

A delegation from UWest’s sister-university, Wenzhou University, China, visited our campus from December 14th through 15th. The delegation was led by the Vice President Mr. Xue Wei and its members include Professor Ye Miao, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Prof. Chen Jun, Assistant Dean of the College of International Cooperation, and Professor Zhang Liping, Dean of the College of Life and Environmental Science (Former Director, Foreign Affairs Office).

On behalf of President Lee, Ven. Jue Wei presided a welcome ceremony. During the ceremony, both parties exchanged ideas of furthering cooperative relationship. Currently two students from Wenzhou University are studying at UWest. Both universities wish that more students can take advantages of other university and participate in the student exchange programs. Also, both parties plan to develop special short-term programs/courses to attract students/executives from China to UWest to learn on how to do business in the US and students/executives from US to Wenzhou University to learn on how to do business in China.

The delegation also visited Hsi Lai Temple and met with Abbot Venerable Hui Chi.