To help UWest’s business administration students gain the first-hand experience of financial markets and particularly learn how to select financial securities (including stocks and bonds) and manage the investment portfolio, the University has started an Investment Laboratory in Fall Semester 2008 and will continuously operate it in the Spring Semester 2010. The Lab manage UWest’s portfolio of initial investment of $25,000.

All UWest’s undergraduate and graduate students in Business Administration may join this club by enrolling a required course each semester. In Fall Semester, 2008, 24 students joined the Lab and took the relevant required class. For Spring 2010, the undergraduate students need to register BUS 443 Financial Security Trade and Analysis and MBA students register MBA 548 Financial Security Trade and Analysis to join this Lab.

During the class, professors Hank Ching, Jerry Liu and Bill Chen will teach students step-by-step how to identify potential investment securities, how to diversify investment risk, and how to manage the portfolio. The students will be divided into different groups; each group will present its proposal of the investment portfolio of investing $25,000 in the real financial markets; then after the debates, the whole class will vote for which securities to be selected for the investment.

UWest Investment Laboratory and Class in Spring Semester 2010 & Community People are Welcome to Join

People from the local communities are also very welcome to audit/take this class. For more information about the Investment Lab and class, please contact Dr. Bill Chen at (626)656-2125.