Minority and Small Business Review, Volume 8, 2010 has been published recently by the Center for the Study of Minority and Small Business and the Department of Business Administration at UWest. Dr. Bill Chen is the Editor of the Journal. There are 8 articles in this volume, written by UWest professors, one UWest MBA student and invited authors from the US. A few local organizations sponsored this journal and its publication.

The published articles in the journal include:

  • “High Technology Business Incubation: an Idea Whose Time Has Come?” by Philip Borden and Jill Dominguez
  • “Securities Laws Governing Private Offerings in California” by Lee R. Petillon
  • “Capital Access for Emerging Businesses: Looking beyond Traditional Funding Sources” by Senator Curren D. Price, Jr., Lee R. Petillon, and Meskerem Tadesse
  • “Supplier Diversity at a Cross Road—Something Has Got to Change” by Meskerem Tadesse
  • “How Can a Small Company Develop a Unique Corporate Culture for its Sustainable Growth?” by Bill Y. Chen and Grace Shen
  • “Attracting Customers through Integrated Marketing–A Practical Approach” by John G. Robbins
  • “Economic Outlook for the Year of 2010” by Otto Chang
  • “The Importance of Cash Management” by Fredrick Ho