University of the West and Recycled Water Project

Rosemead, California, November 10, 2011 – University of the West has participated in the Rosemead Water Recycling project where the local water agencies will install pipeline extensions that will deliver recycled water for landscaping of grounds, medians and ball fields. The Rosemead water pipeline project costs $3.2 million, which will partially funded by the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, but it will save enough water to supply 10,000 families for a year.

The recycled water originates at the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts’ water treatment facility in North Whittier. The waste water is treated to high levels that make it safe enough for landscaping and industry and then sent though the pipeline to users for landscaping. The end users will include: Southern California Edison, to irrigate the grounds of its headquarters; Panda Express’s corporate facility; the Walmart in Rosemead; University of the West (UWest); Sunshine Wholesale Nursery; Zapopan Park and Jess Gonzalez Sports Park both in Rosemead and the Garvey School District.

President Sam Wu was invited to receive special recognition award on behalf of UWest in the participation in the Water Recycling project. In the President’s appreciation address, he thanked the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District for having the Water Recycling Project. President Wu also took this opportunity to introduce the programs at UWest.

By using recycled water on Walnut Grove Avenue alone will save more than 7 million gallons of drinking water per year. Also, this will results in buying less imported potable water. In addition to this, the project has created 105 construction jobs. Thus, this project is very meaningful and beneficial not only to the environment, but also to the society.