University of the West Entrepreneurship Club was inaugurated on February 14th , 2012. Dr. Bill Chen, Professor Meski Tadesse, Dean William Howe, and 14 alumni and current students attended this inauguration. 

UWest Entrepreneurship Club was honored to have Prof. Meski Tadesse and Dr. Bill Chen as the club advisors. The establishment of UWest Entrepreneurship club was inspired by Prof. Tadesse who has the vision to create more opportunities for UWest students to simulate and experience the real U.S business environment. She proactively encouraged her class students to join this club and be a major player so that each participant will greatly increase his or her potentiality in the future business world. Dr. Bill  Chen also urged all student to grab this opportunity to join UWest Entrepreneurship Club. He indicated that this will be a very good learning experience about the business world, and club members will have the chance of getting knowing and meeting with business owners in U.S. 

During the club’s first meeting, the election for the executive members was held. Chen Wang (Joyce) was elected as the Club President, Chee Wei Gan (Eddie) as the Vice President, Kiet Vo as the General Secretary, and Tanya Yadykina as the Treasurer. 

The mission of the University of the West Entrepreneurship Club is to promote the quality and spirit of entrepreneurship, to improve the communication and business skill, and bridge the connection between UWest students and alumni with the businesses. 

Upcoming activities of the Club will be announced soon. All UWest students are welcome to join this club.