Announcement on Tuition Adjustment FY2012-13

President Sam Wu announced today that starting Fall 2012, the tuition for degree programs will adjust upward by 4%-6% while all fees will remain unchanged. University of the West (UWest) is one of the very few institutions that offers the lowest annual tuition rate of any 4-year, private, on-site, (WASC) regionally accredited university in California. UWest has bench marked itself with other private institutions in California and the list shows that UWest is ranked 76 out of 89, from highest to lowest tuition fees and room and board. When compared with all private institutions in California, UWest is ranked 126 out of 146. With this adjustment, the tuition for undergraduate programs will increase by 4% ($15/unit), and all graduate programs will increase by 6% ($20-$25/unit). The tuition for certificate programs will remain unchanged over the coming 5 years. The approved increase in tuition will generate approximately $232,965 on tuition revenue which will be used in academic improvements.

Announcement on the Separation of Room and Board FY2012-13

The Board of Trustees has approved the proposal on the separation of the meal plan with the accommodation during the March 2nd 2012 meeting. The main purpose of making this change is to provide residents the flexibility to opt for meal plan. With this change, UWest will have a reduction in revenue receive of $104,175 for Room and Board for next academic year. In light of this reduction, UWest will move forward in implementing this change to fulfill students’ needs and to provide flexibility to the students.

University of the West has always been a student-centered institution and UWest will continuously offers affordable education to students as the pricing is always being kept the minimum to the students.

C.S. Wu