Currently, the total market value of the UWest’s Investment Fund is above $40,000. The faculty and Investment Lab students have done an excellent job in managing this fund. The University gave $25,000 as the initial fund for the investment about 3 years ago. The fund outperformed major financial market indices in terms of annual returns.

The purpose of establishing this Investment Lab/Fund is to help Business Administration students gain the first-hand experience of financial markets and particularly learn how to select stocks and manage the investment portfolios.

UWest students may join this Lab by taking a required course each semester. During the class, professors teach students step-by-step how to identify potential investment securities, how to diversify investment risk, and how to manage portfolios. The students are divided into different groups; each group will present its proposal of the investment portfolio for investing the real money in the real financial markets; then after the debates, the whole class will vote for which securities to be selected for the next investment.