On Thursday, May 3, UWest faculty and students visited the City of Rosemead and Rosemead Chamber of Commerce. Professors Bill Chen and Meski along with 10 students participated in this field trip. During our visit, City Manager, Mr. Jeffry Allred, introduced the city’s history and its budget. Particularly he explained the city’s Strategic Plan that has been implemented since 2010 and its achievements/progresses. He also discussed the challenges and issues the city is facing.

Then, the UWest faculty and students visited the Rosemead Chamber of Commerce and met with the Chief Executive Office of the Chamber, Mr. Win Wang. Min graduated from the UWest’s MBA program and has been working for the Chamber for three years. He discussed the Chamber’s functions and achievements; and explained the difficulties and problems the Chamber is facing.

All participants enjoyed this field trip and learned a lot about local government and Chamber’s operations and management. Particularly, it is fresh to know the actual strategic plan of a local city, different from a strategic plan for businesses.