On Wednesday, Nov. 7,  Mr. Henry Chang, the founder of Greenmenu, came to the UWest campus to give a talk on “Awakening the Body, Mind, and Soul & Vegetarian Diet.” 

Mr. Chang has been a long-time enthusiast of promoting a life and diet style in harmony of the nature based on philosophy found in Chinese classics, like Dao De Jing and Yi Jing. On top of that, the main idea that has been strongly and repeatedly conveyed by Mr. Chang is that human beings need to live a holistic life by enhancing the mind’s ability to responsed to present occurrences spontaneously.

Many Buddhist verses found in the Buddhist texts, like Heart Sutra and Diamond Sutra, were cited to support the speaker’s viewpoints. Many in the audiences were happy to support the values behind this talk by becoming a Greenmenu member, and they have expressed their thankfulness to the organizer to have this event available to the community. More than thirty people attended the talk, including UWest professors, staff, students, and a considerable portion of the audience came from outside of campus.

The talk was organized by University of the West Buddhist Association (BudaWest), a student club, and it was sponsored by Greenmenu, a non-profit organization founded recently by Mr. Chang, whose main purpose is to promote healthy vegetarian diet and lifestyle. This event is one in the series planned by the BudaWest. This series of events is named “Veggie Me: BudaWest November Vegetarian Extravaganza” which shares the same mission as Mr. Chang’s Greenmenu project.

Above: Mr. Chang speaking to the UWest community; Below: Many students and members of the community came to hear Mr. Chang.