Word games, enthusiastic conversation with teachers, Endeavour Space Shuttle, Walk of Fame, and shop till you drop. It might be surprising, but these are only a small portion of things PACE students do and places they go. PACE students from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and South Korea have all joined in the 2013 summer program at University of the West (UWest) for a fun filled learning experience.

The arrival of students from Honam University of South Korea got PACE off to an exciting start. These five charming females are adventurous and not afraid to explore the LA area by themselves. Good for them!

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) is among the first groups to arrive on UWest campus this summer. These 17 students are polite and humble. They study hard in the mornings and play harder in the afternoons and weekends. Hey, who can blame them, they are here to learn the culture and experience how American youth live.

Buddha’s Light Open University (BLOU) is the largest group thus far with 39 students aged from 14 to 30. Yet each of them is trying his or her best to make the most out of their three-week immersion program. This spiritual group is to visit His Lai Temple and forward along the blessings from Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan too.

The youngest and the most active group is from Shanghai, China. Twenty-one students from XunXing Middle School roam free in packs on UWest campus and soon have become the cutest scene here.

The summer is entering its second month and UWest is expecting more groups to come. How exciting!