Recently, Dr. Bill Chen, Professor and CFO of the UWest, had extensive discussions on the US economy and its developments with Mr. Xiao Feng, the host of Chinese TV program- G&E studio’s Global Focus.

During this one-hour TV program, Professor Chen shared his views on current US economic situations, possible future developments, and factors affecting the US economic growth. He answered the host’s questions on whether the manufacturing industry will still be important for the US economy and whether the Federal Reserve has implemented appropriate policies to stimulate the economy and control the inflation.

Many other issues were also discussed, including the competitiveness of the US economy and industry, global economies and its effects, US financial markets, and particularly future stock markets.

This TV program is broadcast on a TV channel (44.9) and the main part of the interview is also broadcast through a Chinese radio station (AM 1370). Both TV and radio programs are owned by EDI Media Inc.

Dr. Chen’s TV interview is available at:环球聚焦/item/15987-美國經濟與發展