While many local private and public universities have closed their doors for fall 2015, University of the West is still accepting applications.

“Many students are still deciding on where they will attend and looking over their financial aid package,” says Dean of Enrollment, Dr. Maria Ayon. “At UWest, we keep our doors open.  There are students who will make a last minute change due to their financial aid award or personal reasons to stay closer to home and we want to be an option for them.”

University of the West offers up to $10,000 in scholarships for those who qualify.  Small classes and individualized attention are some of the benefits of attending UWest.

Students planning on attending UWest in the fall are eligible to apply for the Summer Bridge Program—Bridge 2 U. This program which begins on Friday, June 26 offers students an opportunity to experience college life before attending the fall semester. In addition to taking a free 3-unit college course and earning credit towards their degree, students have the opportunity to live on campus for a week to fully experience the life of a college student. Academic fieldtrips are also included.

Students interested in participating in the Bridge 2 U program need to be admitted for fall 2015.

To apply for admissions to the fall 2015 semester contact the Enrollment office at 626-571-8811 x310 or click here.