UWest Sustainable Investing Club led a group of MBA students in joining the Impact Investing 102 seminar and dinner held at General Assembly, Santa Monica, on Nov 8, 2017. With the oversight and supervision of faculty advisor, Dr. Chi Sheh, students were exposed to an engaging, expert-led discussion from a panel of savvy impact investing specialists who have established commendable careers & niches in the sustainable investing landscape. Students learned firsthand that impact investing is an investment approach with the intention to generate financial returns, alongside measurable, positive social and environmental impact. The MBA students enjoyed the interactive lecture and earnest discourse between the panelists and several attendees who come from different professional and economic communities, some of whom were young, start-up companies.

General Assembly, hailed as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in Education by Fast Company, hosted the event with the aim to foster awareness, promote social responsibility and cultivate values to empower and expand the impact investing community in Los Angeles.