UWest Sustainable Investing Club attended a seminar organized by the USC Marshall Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab. The seminar, which took place at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, on November 15, was joined by 7 UWest MBA students and faculty Advisor, Dr. Chi Sheh. The guest speaker, CEO Gabe Middleton, gave a rousing discussion of how he and his co-founder, James Jack, defied the odds to establish their company, Human IT, a social enterprise that connects low-income individuals and nonprofit organizations to technology, internet, and digital literacy. Human IT, (then Computers for a Cause, 2012-2014), transforms e-waste into opportunities to promote digital inclusion and digital access by repairing and reallocating electronics instead of recycling. Gabe Middleton shared insights on how a business idea that originated from a dream he had when he was 13 was able to create impact to thousands in need. The interactive question-and-answer session that ensued after the discussion was participated by students, alumni and professors from USC including several representatives from various non-profit organizations.

  • Gabe Middleton – co-founder and CEO of Human-I-T

The USC Marshall Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab (BSEL) provides opportunities for USC students, faculty, and other individuals to use business principles to alleviate poverty. Through education, programs, events and career development, the USC Marshall Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab aims to inspire the next generation of enlightened business leaders and social entrepreneurs.