On January 18th, UWest Sustainable Investing Club invited Mr. Diego Syrowicz as a guest speaker to present in Ken Locke Hall. During the event, guests learned and grasped the essence of ESG investing (environmental, societal, and governance), which is investing not just for profit, but also for the better good of the world. The audience also learned potential careers and job opportunities in the financial field and beyond as Mr. Syrowicz gave sound advice from his valuable personal and professional experiences.

For the younger audience members, one of Mr. Syrowicz’s key advices for success is patience. The other two lessons he shared are hard work and humbleness. Professor Chi Sheh, advisor of the Sustainable Investing Club, reiterated the advice Mr. Syrowicz shared during the conclusion of the event. Professor Sheh witnessed first-hand the journey and efforts that led to Mr. Syrowicz’s success and recommended for people look past the success, but instead learn the qualities of the individual on his or her journey to success.

Mr. Syrowicz is currently the Managing Director and Head of Hedge Funds at State Street Global Advisors – Alternative Investments group. Among other responsibilities, he spearheads ESG across real estate, hedge funds, and private equity. He has an MBA degree from Harvard Business School from which he was sponsored by McKinsey & Company while employed. Also, he holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a double Bachelor degree in Management Science, and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.