On November 14, 2018, University of the West’s Sustainable Investment Club organized a seminar titled “Sustainability and Humanistic Buddhism.” The club invited three guest speakers, Brian Ma, senior development coordinator of Tzu Chi Foundation, Venerable Youheng, head outreach coordinator at Hsi Lai Temple, and Tom Moritz, adjunct professor of environmental leadership at UWest, to share their knowledge and insights about the connection between protection of the environment and humanistic Buddhist ethics. Mr. Ma shared the mission of Tzu Chi Foundation and demonstrated eco-friendly products created by recycled materials that are used to help people and families in need of assistance due to natural disasters. These recycled products consisted of blankets, heating pads, hats, tote bags and other products. Afterwards, Venerable Youheng explained the various ways in which the interdependent worldview of humanistic Buddhism can be applied to our everyday lives, inferring it not only helps enhance our inner well being but also helps us to value and to protect our environment. She stated succinctly, “if we destroy our environment, we are destroying ourselves.” Lastly, Professor Moritz spoke on his experience as an advocate for environmental sustainability and shared his thoughts about environmental issues that the earth is currently facing.