The Office of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce that we have heard student requests for online courses that increase their convenience, provide greater flexibility, and shorten the time to degree completion, reducing tuition costs for current students.

 Online summer courses include: BUS306 Business Communications (Stephen O’Sullivan); BUS 430 Digital Marketing (Murray Johannsen); CONT560 Contemplation: Tibetan Canon (Victor Gabriel); PSYCH501 Experimental Design & Statistical Analysis (Brad Conn); and Bridge ENG100A Writing (Emily Scrimshaw).

 Summer session 1 (S1) runs from June 3 – August 3. Summer session 2 (S2) runs June 24 – August 3rd. Confirm the start of all classes with the UWest’s Office of the Registrar.

BUS 306

Business Communications 

This course focuses on communication skills in business and organizational settings, including message strategy, effective memo and plan writing, presentation skills, verbal and non-verbal components of communication, and small group communication. The course encourages self-development of students as social leaders who model effective communication, personal honesty and truthfulness in speaking and writing in the emerging global context of diversity and inclusion in business, non-profits and government.

BUS 430

Digital Marketing

This course has you apply practical theory so you can build a stronger personal brand. You’ll discover critically important knowledge and understandings necessary to open doors as a digital marketing specialist.


CONT 560

Contemplation: Tibetan Canon

Investigates Buddhist contemplative methods, views and practices as they are articulated in the Tibetan canon. This summer we will focus on Mahamudra contemplation techniques as taught by the 9th Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje.


Experimental Design & Statistical Analysis

Students review advanced quasi-experimental and experimental design methods (quantitative and qualitative), examine methods to analyze research data, and discuss implications of data interpretation.



The course is designed to prepare ESL students for studying in a college in the USA. Students will be able to develop their ideas by utilizing prewriting techniques and create a detailed outline to develop well-structured paragraphs for an argumentative essay.


PSYCH501 Experimental Design & Statistical Analysis

Dr. Brad Conn, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor,

Bridge ENG100A Writing

Emily Scrimshaw


BUS306 Business Communications

Stephen O'Sullivan


CONT560  Contemplation: Tibetan Canon

Victor Gabriel

Co-Chair of Buddhist Chaplaincy,

BUS 430 Digital Marketing

Murray Johannsen


For more information regarding registration and details of the online courses, please contact the Registrar’s office.