In the past several months, China has had a big and serious adversity of the coronavirus spread. Historically, China faced similar or even more serious challenges from natural disasters, pandemic or big wars.  However, China can always overcome all of its adversities eventually and successfully and as a result, the Chinese nationality has survived and continued for over 5 thousand years and its culture and traditions are kept continuously as well.

Why was China able to overcome its adversities?  What can China learn from its historical perspectives when it faces big challenges? In this invited article, Dr. Bill Y. Chen, the tenured full professor at the Department of Business Administration at UWest answered these two questions and pointed out it is its nationality spirits and relevant culture that led to China’s past victories against all types of adversities and that will still be the main way for China to overcome its current difficulties.

This article in Chinese is published on People’s Forum, a Type A journal in China. The article can be accessed through the following link or as attached: