Dear UWest Community: Attached please find a copy of the UWest Grading Policy and Guidelines for the Spring semester, 2020 ONLY. After many rounds of research, discussion, and review, the Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee in consultation with the Executive Team have developed the policy and guidelines in order to accommodate the various situations that have arose due to COVID-19. As many of you have been made aware, many colleges and universities have made similar adjustment for their students as well.

Please kindly review very carefully the grading policy and guidelines for Spring Semester, 2020 only. If anyone has any further questions or clarifications, please consult the Registrar’s Office. Students may choose to consult their respective academic advisors as well. Thank you very much for your attention! Have a safe and healthy day!

UWest Grading Policy and Guidelines (Spring 2020)


Dr. Chou

Chiung-Sally Chou, Ph.D.
Interim President
University of the West