Dear UWest Community:


Summer session has started.  Those of you who continue to provide instruction to our students, we salute you!  The University campus must continue to thrive and support our students.  University operations are serving our community throughout the summer.  We are always pleased to see our students, faculty, and staff on campus.  Please make sure that you wear masks and keep distance when you are on campus.

I would like to give a shout-out to a few of our dedicated staff members such as General Services staff who are on campus every day, cleaning and disinfecting.  Thanks to the Payroll and Accounting staff, we can pay our bills on time as well as the bills generated from the University.  Incidentally, today is payday just in case you missed it.  Thanks to our new Residence Hall Coordinator, Eddie Bernal, who joined us with such dedication to help those students who live in the Residence Hall!  With the support of Vanessa Karam, Chief Student Services Officer, they try to find delicious treats around town for the students.  Of course, to all others who work tirelessly to support our students, faculty and staff; thank you very much!

As you have read the reopening of businesses in Los Angeles County, we must think about the notion of returning to work physically on campus.  As you are very aware, schools and universities have been designated essential business and have been allowed to open.  However, our University has allowed those staff members who have childcare, eldercare, or health challenges to work remotely.  As such, we do need to plan towards gradually returning the campus to prior COVID-19 orders.  Therefore, we are forming a “Return to Work” Planning Committee to develop a “phasing process” to gradually return to normal operations – we know, the new normal will look different.  We hope some of you will join the Committee to give your input.  We thank Jessa Forsythe-Crane for leading this charge.

June is Pride Month.  This is a celebration of diversity and freedom to be one’s true self without any bias or discrimination.  In light of the latest incidents, we need to continue to hold true that all people are created equal and celebrate acceptance.

Have a great weekend, enjoy these cooler days…



Dr. Chou

Chiung-Sally Chou, Ph.D.
Interim President
University of the West