The Buddhist Chaplaincy department is pleased to announce that we will be offering several Buddhist Ministry courses online this next year starting in the Fall of 2020. Each of these courses reflect the creativity and pedagogy of the professor, and integrates the learning outcomes of the Buddhist chaplaincy department, University of the West, and the Buddhist ministry field at large.

Please help us spread the word about these offering, and forward the attached flyer to anyone you think may be interested!

All of these courses are possible to take as open enrollment credit. These course may suit those that want to hone their skills in academic writing and research in areas of chaplaincy and engaged/humanistic Buddhism, or those that want to develop more fully in terms of ethics, contemplation, and ministry.

Here is also a link to one of the professor’s intro videos:

It will be exciting to see how these online courses unfold, and what new developments come from this exploration. Please feel free to email me with any questions of concerns.

all my best,


Rev Jitsujo Gauthier, PhD
Chair & Assistant Professor, Buddhist Chaplaincy Department


BMin Online Course Flyer