Dear UWest Community:

I would like to provide you with an update on what has taken place during the summer months to welcome you back remotely for Fall 2020.

Over the summer, many faculty members have dedicated time towards enhancing our online instructional tools with the support of IT staff members and Professor Edward Shih. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has taken a collaborative and integrated approach to developing the 2020-2025 UWest Strategic Plan. Earlier this week I received email notice on the proposed dates for UWest’s  WSCUC reaffirmation reviews. The Offsite Review will take place in Fall 2021 and our accreditation report will be due on July 1, 2021. Please note that we will call upon your participation in supporting these two living documents.

The summer months may seem quiet but the Admission, Enrollment,  and Financial Aid Offices have continued to carry out their ongoing daily operations to support students with their applications and the registration processes.  Payroll and campus maintenance are year round activities, and they have continued to keep our campus beautiful and running. If you have a chance to come on campus, you can appreciate for yourself the serene and peaceful campus environment waiting upon the return to normality.

I had the opportunity to watch the zoom presentation by Prof. Bill Chen on “The effects of the COVID-19 on the US and China’s Economies and Financial Markets” a few days ago. The presentation was informative and intriguing. I have much to learn and I greatly appreciate Prof. Chen’s engagement with the Asian American community. I hope to see more UWest presentations locally and beyond, and encourage other faculty members to make presentations about topics that they feel is important.

Fall 2020 UDays will be online via our UWest Moodle platform.  The Online orientation will be ready to go live on August 15 and students will have the week of August 17 to complete the orientation. New students will take a series of informative orientation modules depending on their program status.

I would like to thank the hard-working members of our UWest faculty, staff, and administrators who have continued to carry out all the important work in the last few months to support the institution and our students. I hope to chat with you on the late afternoon of 8/20/20.

Cheer! In UWest community spirit!


President Ta