Fall 2020 Community Classes

University of the West is proud to offer classes and workshops to the wider community. Community Education classes and lectures are provided on a no-credit basis.

Registration in a Community Education class allows you access to real-time class sessions and/or online video lectures for that course.
If you are interested in taking a class for college credit or would like full access to the course, including assignments, please do not register here but apply through Open Enrollment.

For the specific mode of delivery and fees, please refer to the course descriptions on https://bit.ly/34yLvfJ

CE-RS 500
Proseminar in Religious Studies
Dr. Shou-Jen Kuo

CE-RS 521
Buddhist Meditation Practicum
Dr. William Chu

CE-RS 641
Topics in Buddhist Studies
Maritime Buddhism: Context & Development
Dr. Lewis Lancaster

Please visit https://bit.ly/34yLvfJ
for course details and fees.