Zooming Out: A Social Action Art Piece
12:30 to 2pm Pacific Time
Founder’s Courtyard

Join us for a fully dimensional art experience! No art skills required. Instructor Jenny Hannah and Expressive Arts students offer a socially engaged afternoon as we string our masks together inside a 6’x6′ square.

The idea of a 6’ scale for the art piece is symbolic of social distancing, as well as 6’ being the distance one is buried when they die in the U.S. The title “zooming out” is a play on the zoom world we’ve all been in.

If possible, please bring one or more (used) face masks to weave in solidarity with global health. There will be an option to draw on the masks a symbol of “resilience and health” before weaving them through the square. 

Social Action Art encourages engagement around social or political issues, and in this case, raising awareness around how the health crisis has shaped our social psychology. Conversation and live human connection is a natural by-product of this art piece, so please come and go as you wish! 

Zooming Out flyer