For questions about the schedule or other orientation information, please contact

Tuesday, August 16

*Mandatory for new students


Placement Testing, as needed. Contact admissions office if uncertain:

2pm – 3pm

ID Card Pictures, in Ken Locke Hall ED-213


President’s welcome & student panels
Ken Locke Hall ED-213


Campus Tour


Pick up ID cards in ED-209
Light community dinner ED-Patio.


Wednesday, August 17


Academic Program meet & greet.

Please contact your academic chair (see below) to learn where and when you are expected to be for your meet and greet.

• Chair of Business Administration Dr. Bill Chen;
• Chair of Psychology Dr. Elizabeth Burke;
• Chair of Religious Studies Dr. Miroj Shakya;
• Chair of Buddhist Chaplaincy Dr. Victor Gabriel;
• Co-Chair of Buddhist Chaplaincy Dr. Jitsujo Gauthier;
• Chair of General Education & Liberal Arts, Dr. Kanae Omura;
• ELI Academic Program Coordinator, Jonathan Berk;


Thursday, August 18

*Mandatory for new F-1 students

2pm – 4pm

International Student Orientation, students must bring I-20 & Passport. Ken Locke Hall ED-213.


Friday, August 19

Optional fieldtrip, open to all students. Sign up on August 16.

11:30am – 3:00pm

Visit to Hsi Lai Temple, lunch & tour; meet at Founder’s Courtyard


SATURDAY, August 20

Optional fieldtrip, open to all students. Sign up on August 16.

8am (departure)

Off-campus morning hike, Chantry Flat; meet at Founder’s Courtyard


Student Federation Club, BBQ & pool party; residence halls