About Us

Our Mission

The mission of University of the West is to provide a whole-person education in a context informed by Buddhist wisdom and values, and to facilitate cultural understanding and appreciation between East and West.


  1. Provides a whole-person education, highlighting where the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and creative converge.
  2. Offers an education as unique as you are, supplying the tools and support for our students to develop their own paths to academic success.
  3. Delivers a strong liberal arts education that draws from Buddhist wisdom and strives toward a global perspective, to ensure that our graduates can compete and contribute in the modern world.
  4. Embraces and celebrates diversity as a gateway to wisdom and understanding.
  5. Creates an environment of compassion, encouraging our students to pursue equality and to act in service to others.
  6. Presents opportunities for intellectual and cultural exchange between East and West.
  7. Seeks and develops students of strong character, who are able to lead others and make decisions motivated by the common good.
  8. Establishes space and guidance for students to achieve self-knowledge for a peaceful and fulfilling life.
  9. Promotes spiritual knowledge, guiding students to find their purpose and meaning through “contemplative education.”
  10. Believes in education as conversation, with students and faculty learning with, from, and on behalf of one another.