Aspiring Students

Graduate Programs

An Education As Unique As You Are

Whether you are looking for career advancement, pursuing an academic career, or simply following your curiosity, our team of faculty and academic advisors work with you to create a personalized academic program, so that your degree truly helps you achieve your goals.


Doing Well By Doing Good

At UWest, our graduate programs are a top priority. We aim to provide the highest quality education with a focus on real-life application and contributing to the common good. At UWest, we don’t just want to produce outstanding graduates, we want to cultivate outstanding human beings.

A Degree That Won’t Just Hang On Your Wall

UWest’s graduate programs focus on real-life application. We want to ensure that you can use the knowledge and skills you receive at UWest every single day. Our graduate programs allow for plenty of hands-on learning, to help with the transition from education to application. We make sure our graduates are prepared to use their degrees as soon as they receive them.