Bill Y. Chen, Ph.D.

Tenured Full Professor in Business Administration; e-mail:


Ph. D. in Economics with specialization in Finance and Econometrics, University of California, Santa Barbara
M. E. with specialization in Management/Marketing (MBA), Tianjin University, China,
B. S. in Math/Statistics, Hangzhou/Zhejiang University, China

Research Interests

Dr. Chen focuses his research on Economics, Finance and Insurance. He has published papers on Insurance Insolvency, Reinsurance, Catastrophic Insurance, Insurance Regulation and Compulsory Insurance. In the past years, he has done extensive studies on China’s economy, including its economic structure, how to avoid the “middle-income trap”, and whether it may experience the business cycle and economic crisis. In addition, he writes and publishes the invited articles on the China’s economy in Chinese for academic conferences and journals in China. Dr. Chen is the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Management Theory and Practices and editorial board member of several academic refereed’ journals.

Selected Publications

The Business Cycle and Economic Crisis—When Will China Experience Them? Journal of Advances in Economics and Finance; Volume 4, Number 2, May 2019;
The Relationship of the Manufacturing Growth with the Financial Industry and Real Estate Industry , Journal of Business and Economic Policy, Vol. 6, No. 2; June, 2019;
China’s Private Enterprises-Being Competitive Multinational Corporations, People’s Forum, People’s Daily, December, 2018;
Weather Indexes, Index Insurance and Weather Index Futures, Insurance Markets and Companies, Volume 9, 2018;
China’s Foreign Relationship-New Thinking and Features, People’s Forum, People’s Daily, March, 2018;
The Productivity, Economic Structure and Middle-Income Trap—Can China Avoid this Trap? Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Volume 19(11), 2017;
“What Should China Do?” (“中国下一步怎么走?), People’s Forum (<<人民论坛>>), People’s Daily, October, 2017;
China’s Path to the Sustainable, Stable and Rapid Economic Development: From the Largest to the Strongest Manufacturing Country; Journal of World Economic Research, August, 2015
The Review and Analysis of Compulsory Insurance, Insurance Markets and Companies, Volume 4, 2013;
Why Some Disaster Insurance Does not Exist? Asian Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance, Volume 6, 2012;
Solvency Regulation in Property-Liability Insurance Industry, International Advances in Economic Research, November, 2004, Vol. 10, No. 1;
Capital Asset Pricing Models with Default Risk: Theory and Applications in Insurance, International Advances in Economic Research, February, 2003, Vol. 9, No. 1;
The Effect of Ceded Reinsurance on Solvency of Primary Insurers, International Advances in Economic Research, February, 2001, Vol. 7, No. 1;

UWest Courses

MBA 507 Managerial Economics; MBA 509 Business Forecasts; MBA 516 Int’l Finance;
MBA 526 Risk Mgt and Insurance; MBA 543 Real Estate Finance and Investment;
BUS 301 Managerial Economics; BUS 304 Management Science