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As a small non-profit, private university, University of the West relies heavily on the support of our community in aiding the mission towards providing access to a quality education. As a 501(c), 100% of your gift is tax deductible.

Your donations provide crucial funds that touch the lives of countless students in a variety of ways, ranging from scholarships that expand access to higher education, general operation donations that improve the quality of student life at UWest, and endowments that keep the university going for years to come. The members of the UWest Foundation Office play a pivotal role in transforming the lives of our students.

General Operation

The general fund is financed by what are defined as “general purpose” and “restricted revenues.” The purpose of the general fund is self-explanatory and unrestricted. Restricted revenues are those resources that, by constitution, statute, contract or agreement, are reserved to specific purposes, and expenditures that are limited by the amount of revenue realized.

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A donor scholarship is a form of financial aid for students at University of the West. Scholarship applicants are awarded based on a demonstration of academic aptitude, merit, personal character, and financial need. For more information on scholarships, visit the Office of Financial Aid read more about the Golden Benefactor Awards scholarship program.

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Funds are invested to earn annual interest rather than made available for immediate use. A portion of the annual earnings is used to award student scholarships or support specific programs. The minimum endowment contribution amount is $10,000.

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Support Our Research Centers

At UWest, we are committed to supporting cutting edge research among the academic disciplines offered within our curriculum. Below are two research centers currently engaging in important work. Please consider contributing to their efforts.


The Institute for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism (ISHB) at University of the West is devoted to the multi-faceted study of Buddhism and its ongoing application within the human realm. Inspired by Master Hsing Yun’s vision of Humanistic Buddhism and its emphasis on education, ethics, art, and culture, the Institute serves as a home for a wide range of research projects and scholarly work that enhances our understanding of Buddhism historically and in the contemporary moment.

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DSBC Project

The Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon (DSBC) is an ambitious project to preserve the original intellectual and spiritual heritage of Buddhism through digitization and organization of these texts into a complete and comprehensive Sanskrit Buddhist Canon that may be freely accessed online.

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Team UWest

The UWest Foundation is grateful for all the generous donations from individuals, organizations, and from Team UWest members over the years. The foundation is fully funded by these donations and without them, we would not exist.

We would like to acknowledge the donors, past and present by listing their names. Please contact us so that we may add you or your organization to our Team UWest list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about donating to University of the West are provided below. However, if you find that your question was not addressed in this section, we warmly welcome you to contact us at (626) 571-8811 and email us directly at

Does 100% of my gift go to my designation?
Yes, 100% of your gift will go directly to the area of your choice.

Can I pay in installments?
Yes, you can pay in monthly installments. Please contact us if you would prefer installment payments. We can automatically charge your credit card to your specifications, or send out reminders as you prefer.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. 100% of your gift is tax deductible. As soon as we process your check or online gift, we will send you a receipt in the mail or via email.

Will I get a receipt?
Yes. Whether you send a check or use the online form, as soon as we process your check or online gift, we will send you a receipt in the mail or via email.

How can I change my address?
You can update your profile by sending us an email with your new address and we will update your address in our system.

Giving in Person

Giving in person is as simple as coming in to our campus and speaking with a UWest Foundation staff.

  1. Follow the directions to UWest or get our address and map out your route.
  2. Stop by the AD building front desk and ask to speak with a UWest Foundation staff.
  3. We will work with you to define your contribution type and method of giving.

Giving by Mail

We make it easy for you to give to the University of the West by following these three simple steps.

  1. Choose either check or money order to make out your contribution.
  2. Mail your contribution to us to the following address below.
  3. Once we receive your gift, we will contact you right away to confirm receipt and work with you in establishing the terms of your donation.

Accounting Office
Attn: UWest Donations
1409 Walnut Grove Ave.
Rosemead, CA 91770

About Your Gift

Named programs may be funded through several kinds of gifts, and giving opportunities can be tailored to meet the wishes of the donor. Gift options include ways of increasing income, reducing or eliminating capital gains tax, reducing estate or gift taxes, and allowing for charitable income tax deductions.

We promptly and accurately process each and every gift. Thank you for your interest in making a gift to University of the West.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a whole-person education in a context informed by Buddhist wisdom and values and to facilitate cultural understanding and appreciation between East and West.

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University of the West
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(626) 571-8811 x2118