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Degree Registration FAQ

How do I choose my classes as an undergraduate student?

  1. Review the schedule and make your tentative selections. Program requirements are outlined in the catalog.
  2. Meet with your Academic Advisor for schedule advisement and approval. Together you will also review your overall progress towards graduation. Take advantage of this time to discuss any issues that might be affecting your success, satisfaction, or security.

Business students: before meeting with your advisor, you must first meet with your Program Advisor, Professor Meskerem Tadesse for core advisement.

How do I choose my classes as a graduate student?

  1. Review the schedule and make your tentative selections. Program requirements are outlined in the catalog.
  2. Meet with your Program Advisor for approval and to discuss your progress, goals, aspirations, etc.

Can I register online?

Yes you can! Enter your advisor-approved schedule directly through the UWest student portal.

NOTE: This option is open to students who meet prerequisite requirements and have no financial or other holds.  If you are taking any courses that require prerequisite waivers or if there is a hold on your record, you will need to register in person at the Registrar’s Office.

Warning: Online registration is only open to students through the registration deadline. After the deadline (late registration) students will need to bring their approved registration forms to the Registrar’s Office.

How many classes should I take?

    1. Plan well. Undergraduates should expect to spend a minimum of 2 hours of prep time each week for every hour in class, graduates should plan on 3 hours per hour in class. So, if you take 12 undergraduate units, you will be in class for 12 hours each week and should be prepared to put in on average at least 24 hours of work per week outside of class – and this is why 12 units is called “full-time” enrollment!
    2. See the chart below for the standard course load expected for your degree level. Taking an extra class to speed up graduation is a fine idea if you are doing well in school and have the time to dedicate to your studies. However, if you work full-time or have other time intensive commitments, this might jeopardize your success.
    3. If you are on an F-1 Visa, you must maintain full-time enrollment every fall and spring term.
Programs Standard Full-time Half-time Minimum Maximum
Undergraduate 15 units 12 units 6 units 6 units 18 units
Graduate- PSY, REL, MBA 9 units 9 units 4.5 units 6 units 12 units
Graduate- MDIV, DBMIN 12 units 9 units 4.5 units  6 units  12 units

Do I really need to complete writing 1 or 2, math, ILR, speech this term?

Undergraduates, completion of the general education core competencies during your first year is REQUIRED.  Be sure to schedule so that you are on track to do so.

This semester isn’t over yet, but I want to prepare for next semester. How can I choose classes for the next semester?

Good question! Just assume that you will successfully complete your current classes. After you register, you may change your schedule until the add/drop deadline.

I don’t meet the prerequisites for a class I want/need to take. What happens now?

You will need to meet with your program advisor to discuss your course options. If the advisor agrees that the class is right for you, have the advisor sign your registration/add-drop form then bring the approved form to the Registrar’s office to finish registering. You may also need instructor and/or chair approval.

You need to be aware that prerequisites exist for a reason. Some classes are much more difficult or the outcome less beneficial if taken out of sequence. Discuss this with your program advisor.

I am in the ELI program. When do I register?
You will register during finals week of the fall semester. You will receive instructions in December.

I am graduating in in spring. Is there anything I need to do/complete?

Yes there is! Complete a Petition to Graduate form and submit it with your registration form when registering for    your final term. If you register via the student portal, submit your petition before Registration closes. Before submitting the form, have it signed off by:

  1. your Department Chair or Program Advisor to confirm that you are graduating, and
  2. the Bursar, to whom you will pay the Graduation (required) and Commencement (optional) fees.

Once that form is submitted, work hard and get those classes done. We’re looking forward to having you cross the stage at Commencement 2019!

I am a PhD (MA Thesis) student and have finished all of my courses. Do I need to register?

Yes, you must maintain continuous enrollment every fall and spring semester while preparing for your qualifying exam, preparing your proposal, writing and defending your dissertation (thesis), and until you successfully submit your dissertation (thesis) to the library. Warning: Failure to maintain continuous enrollment may result in the loss of your candidacy status.

Your department wants to keep in touch with you. Be sure to have your continuous enrollment registration approved by your program advisor or chair. Include your advisor’s name on your schedule so that we put you in the correct section.

Good news. You are considered to be enrolled full-time for F-1 and financial aid deferment requirements when registered for continuous enrollment even though you will be taking only 1 to 3 units. You will also be eligible to apply for financial aid so long as you enroll in at least 1 unit of continuous enrollment.

What if I miss the registration deadline (11/26/18)?

You will pay a $50 late registration fee when you do register.

What if I don’t register by the late registration deadline (12/7/18)?

Degree students who do not register for spring on or before Friday of the last week of the fall semester must be approved by both the Dean of Student Affairs and the appropriate advisor before they may register.

Students who still have not registered one week prior to the start of the spring term will be considered to have voluntarily withdrawn from UWest.  This will affect scholarships and aid, and for those of you who didn’t actually plan to take time off, petitioning for reinstatement will create lots of extra paperwork for you.

In addition, if you are approved for late registration or are successfully reinstated, you will be subject to the $50 late registration fee. This fee is in addition to the $100 late payment fee that will be assessed by the Bursar’s office if you do not make your first payment by January 17, the tuition payment deadline for fall.

Are you on an F-1 visa? The university is required to report all F-1 students who do not maintain their full-time enrollment. Delaying your registration may have a serious impact on your F-1 status.

I missed the deadlines to register. Can I still attend this semester?

Yes, but you will need permission from both the Dean of Student Affairs and your advisor. If you have already been dropped you will need to petition for reinstatement too. In addition, you will be required to pay the $50 late registration fee. Simplify your life – register on time!

Do I need to pay when I register for classes?

We encourage you to pay or make payment arrangements made as soon as you have scheduled your classes. If you wish to wait until the last possible minute, don’t miss the Tuition Payment Deadline: 4:30 pm, Thursday, January 17. You must make any required payment or arrangements no later than 4:30 pm on January 17 to avoid a late payment fee.

What about my aid, scholarship, grant, and/or loan for fall?

First question – is your FAFSA up to date? If not, get that done as soon as possible because no federal or state funding can be arranged until the FAFSA is submitted. We encourage you to check in with the Office of Financial Aid during registration to make sure your funding is in place. They will be happy answer all of your questions!

Which books do I need for my classes?

Books are listed on the Schedule of Classes posted on the portal under course details.  If you do not see textbook information when you click on course detail, the professor has not yet finalized the textbook selection. Check back for updates.

Can I change my schedule after I register for classes?

Of course you may! You may change your schedule until the Add/Drop Deadline, February 1, 2019. Fill out a Registration/Add-Drop form, have it signed by your Academic Advisor (undergrads), Program and Academic Advisor (business undergrads), or Program Advisor (grad students), then bring it to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Money saving tip: If you are thinking of reducing the number of units you are taking, be sure to do so NO LATER THAN Friday, January 25. If you wait until after Friday of the first week of classes you will be charged partial tuition for the dropped course.

I am thinking about taking the spring semester off. Is this a problem?

The spring semester is a standard period of enrollment – taking the term off is a big decision with potentially expensive side effects. Before making such a significant decision, be sure to sit down with your academic and financial aid advisors to discuss how this will affect your education and funding.

Unless absolutely unavoidable, it is best to restrict your time off to the optional summer term. If you do decide to take the spring semester off, submit an approved Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form to the Registrar’s office when the fall semester ends.  It will be processed as soon as grades are posted.

Note for International Students: You are required to maintain full-time enrollment in both fall and spring semester.  If you are considering taking the spring semester off, you must first meet with your International Student Advisor.