Student Resources

Changing Your Major

University of the West revises the Academic Catalog annually. All program requirements, including credits, courses, and graduation, are fully outlined in the catalog in effect at the time of the student’s first semester at University of the West. This catalog is considered a contract with all students who begin during that year; both student and University are bound by this agreement.

Major & Concentration Changes

If at some point in your studies you decide that your goals have changed and are no longer served by your current major or concentration, you may explore your options by meeting with your Academic Advisor or current Department Chair. After consultation, if you decide to change your program of study your requirements will be defined by the catalog in effect at the time of the change.

Things to consider when exploring your options: You should be aware credits and courses you have completed may not be applicable to your new program of interest. The greater the change in programs, the more likely this is to be the case. For example, an MBA student who changes from one MBA concentration to another is likely to have a good match on courses as all MBA concentrations share a common core curriculum. On the other hand, an MBA student who transfers to an MA in Religious Studies has a good chance that some courses taken are not applicable to the new program. A program change may have a significant impact on the total cost of your degree, the amount of aid available to you, and your time to graduation. In addition, some scholarships are linked to a specific enrollment – there is no guarantee that those scholarships will roll over to the new enrollment.

To request a change, complete a Change of Major form. Bring the approved form with any supporting documentation to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Incomplete or unapproved forms will not be processed. If you are changing concentrations within the same program, you will need only the approval of your current Department Chair. If changing to a different program at the same degree level (e.g. MBA to MA Religious Studies), you will the approval of the Department Chair of that new program. If changing to a different degree level (e.g. MA to PhD), you will need to apply to the program for admission. Admission requirements vary by program and degree level, therefore your transfer may result in the need for additional admission documents or assessments.

Catalog Year Changes

University of the West is constantly updating its programs and curriculum to insure that we are providing our students the best possible education – an education that is both relevant and meaningful. These changes are entered into the Academic Catalog. Some of these changes are rolled out to all students as a program revision; others are applicable only to new students entering the program. If you would like to change to a new version of the catalog due to substantive changes in your program requirements such as total units required for degree or concentrations available, you may submit a Change of Major form. Indicate on the form “Catalog Year Change.” Your enrollment will be updated to indicate the new catalog year in effect. This move is not reversible. You will be subject to all course and credit program requirements listed, including general education and elective requirements.

If you are seeking a simple substitution in your major requirements, a change in catalog year may not be necessary. Instead, you may request that your Department Chair approve and submit to the Registrar’s Office a Revision to Program Requirements form on your behalf. If you are not sure which form to submit, contact the Registrar.