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Transfer Credit

University of the West may grant transfer credit for courses taken at accredited colleges or universities. Undergraduate courses completed with a minimum grade of 2.0 are eligible for consideration, while a 3.0 is required for graduate course work. Applicants to a degree program at University of the West are responsible for the submission of official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended. Official transcripts must be received prior to the applicant’s first day in class. These transcripts will be evaluated only at the applicant’s request. Transfer credit is not granted for correspondence courses or thesis research.

If you have attended other colleges or universities please have your official transcripts submitted directly to the University as soon as possible and request an evaluation through your Admissions Advisor. This evaluation should be completed prior to scheduling classes. You may be requested to provide a catalog or course syllabi if more needed to facilitate the evaluation process.

If you are planning on transferring to a University of the West undergraduate degree program after attending another college or university, you may position yourself for maximum credit by pursuing a liberal arts and sciences curriculum that parallels the general education requirements at UWest. If attending a California community college, select general education courses that meet requirements for California State University (CSU) or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) certification. Successful fulfillment of either the CSU or IGETC certification prior to enrollment will fulfill the general education requirement at UWest with the exception of the General Education Capstone course.

Veterans – you may be eligible for undergraduate transfer credit based upon your military training. Your official ACE Net transcript may be evaluated to determine if credit is applicable in your program of study. See for details on ordering a transcript.

Generally, UWest will evaluate transcripts only for those applicants who have supplied all official documents and meet the admissions requirements of the University. However, if you are would like an unofficial evaluation prior to making the decision to apply to University of the West, see your Admissions Advisor to request a preliminary estimate of credit. An unofficial transcript may then be presented to the appropriate administrator for a preliminary estimate. Actual credit will not be awarded until you have been accepted and official documentation has been received.

If you attended college or university in another country, you may be asked to submit a credential evaluation from UWest’s list of approved credentials evaluator services. If the evaluation is strictly for verification of previous degrees or diplomas earned, a summary that includes degree equivalence and cumulative grade point average is sufficient. If you are seeking possible transfer credit, a detailed evaluation that also includes course titles and grades/credits earned will be needed. In either case, the evaluation should indicate if English was the primary language of instruction if applicable. Upon receipt, the official credentials evaluation will be reviewed to determine if credit may be granted in your program of study.

Transfer Credit Limits

Residency requirements limit the number of credits that can be fulfilled with transfer credit. The limits are as follows:

Degree Level

Maximum allowed


90 semester units (135 quarter units) total transfer and proficiency credit. Of the 90 units, 70 semester units (105 quarter units) may be transferred from a community college.


6 semester units (9 quarter units) transfer and proficiency credit.


No transfer credit allowed.


30 semester units (45 quarter units) transfer and proficiency credit.

Transfer credit is not applicable to non-degree and certificate programs.

You may also be eligible for Advanced Placement (AP) credit. To qualify for credit you must have passed an applicable AP course with a grade of C or above and passed the corresponding AP exam with a score of at least 3. Let your Admissions Advisor know if you have completed any AP courses and exams. You will be required to submit an official score report from College Board in addition to your official high school transcript. If your high school transcript includes AP exam results, you do not need to submit the College Board score report. The Department Chair will determine if the AP coursework is applicable to the program you have entering.