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OPT Reporting and Other Requirements

This form outlines the procedures will need to be done by all International students who are in your OPT Year following graduation from your studies at University of the West. These requirements need to be reported to the DSO at or in person at AD103 within 10 business days of the change in order to avoid termination of your I-20. These rules apply from the start to the end date on your OPT card. These requirements also apply if you begin your OPT year with an unpaid (or paid) internship

  1. Any change in your name or address of residence
  2. The name and address of your employer (if more than one employer, then you will need to provide the name and address of each employer: this information also needs to include your start and end date for each job. Keep in mind that you may not start working until the date on your OPT card, which you also must have physically received from USCIS
  3. The name and address of any new employer and related start and end dates of that particular employment
  4. Any change to any employer’s name or address
  5. Any period of unemployment, including days between the end of one job and the beginning of the new job. Keep in mind that you have 90 days in which to find a job. Days that you are not working in between jobs also count against those 90 days
  6. If you decide not to use OPT and leave the United States to return to my home country or another country
  7. If you change to another nonimmigrant status in the United States such as H1B, E-3 or other types of changes in status such as Permanent Resident

It will be necessary for you to make timely updates to the DSO at as circumstances change during your OPT year. SEVP recommends that International students in OPT maintain evidence pertaining to each job that you hold such as your position, proof of duration of the position, your job title, contact information for your supervisor or manager and a detailed description of the work you have engaged in at your job. If it is not clear that the work you are engaged in relates directly to your most recent degree, SEVP highly recommends that you obtain a signed letter from the employer’s hiring official, supervisor or manager stating how the work performed on your job applies to your degree.

If you will need to be away from the job for any reason such as a family emergency, prolonged illness or vacation time, you will need to do the procedures listed below. I will always need to be informed well in advance of any absences so that I can make sure that you have put the following and necessary paperwork in place in advance of your absence from the job:

  1. Please acquire a letter from your employer on company letterhead stating the reason for your absence and the dates of your absence. This letter also needs to state that you will have a job upon your return and the expected date that you will return to your employment
  2. It is recommended that your travel with several back paystubs to establish additional proof that you have been and are currently employed at your job, all of your I-20’s. Passport, F-1 Visa and 1-94 printout.
  3. Please make an appointment with me at I will need to update my signature and date on page 3 of your current I-20, the one that shows your OPT status. I will also need to check your F-1 Visa, I-94 printout and Passport. Please see the information under Immigration in the ISS website if your Visa needs to be renewed in order to get back into the United States:, under Student Resources; scroll down to International Student Services.