Student Resources

On-campus Jobs

International Students are able to work on campus up to 20 hours per week. Before anyone is allowed to work in the US, however, a person needs a Social Security card.

Here is the hiring process for on-campus jobs:

  1. After a successful interview, your supervisor will write an Offer Letter and give it to you. The Letter will include a start date, usually about 3 weeks in the future.
  2. You will take the Offer Letter and come to AD 103. The DSO will then write a letter.
  3. You will take both of these letters and go to the Social Security Administration building most convenient to your location. You can look for locations here:
  4. Once you receive your Social Security card, you may begin your job.
  5. You will also go to Career Development in AD 109, and get information on reporting hours, pay, etc.


If you have never worked on campus by the time you apply for CPT, ask the DSO about your Social Security card when you get your CPT authorized and put on your I-20. You will take your offer letter, your updated I-20 showing CPT, and your visa/passport and I-94 with you to the Social Security Administration. Your CPT cannot begin until you have your Social Security card.


If you do not have a Social Security card when you are applying for OPT, you can do so on the Form I-765, one of the applications for OPT. The DSO will help you. Your OPT cannot begin until you have both your EAD and Social Security cards.