Darui Long, Ph.D.

Professor of Religious Studies


PhD, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 1996
MA, Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages, 1987
BA, Sichuan Normal University, 1982

Research Interests

Dr. Long has visited more than 25 libraries and temples in the US, Canada, Poland and China, examining the extant copies of the Yongle Northern Canon, engraved in 1419-1440 and 1579. He is currently working on a Concordant Catalogue of the Yongle Northern Canon to Other Editions of the Chinese Buddhist Canon. The catalogue will enable readers to check any work in the Yongle Northern Canon with current editions of the Chinese Buddhist canon. Future projects include a Union Catalogue of the extant copies of the Yongle Northern Canon. Dr. Long also recently rediscovered a copy of the Lotus Sutra in the Tangut language in Poland. He will be working with an international team to make this rare text available to Buddhist Studies scholar and practitioners.

Selected Publications

“Managing the Dharma Treasure: Collation, Carving, Printing, and Distribution of the Canon in Late Imperial China.” In Spreading Buddha’s Word in East Asia: The Formation and Transformation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon, ed. Jiang Wu and Lucille Chia, 219-245. New York: Columbia University Press, 2016.

“Buddhism at the end of Ming Dynasty as Revealed by Wan Wei’s Colophons in The Yongle Northern Buddhist Canon in Princeton University Library,” in Dharmapravicaya Aspects of Buddhist Studies: Essays in Honour of N. H. Samtani, ed. Lali ‘Shravak’ and Charles Willemen, 243-260, Delhi: Buddhist World Press, 2012.

“Venerable Taixu’s Interpretation of Chan: The Revival of Buddhism in Early 20th Century.” The Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies, 131-152, 2007.

“A Note on The Hongwu Nanzang, a Rare Edition of the Buddhist Canon,” East Asian Library Journal (Princeton University), pp.112-147, Autumn 2000.

“Interfaith Dialogue between Chinese Buddhist Leader Taixu and Christians in the 1930s.” Buddhist-Christian Studies, pp.167-189, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2000.

UWest Courses

REL 610 Religion & Ethics
REL 640 Topics in Comparative Religion: Confucianism & Buddhism
REL 640 Topics in Comparative Religion: Daoism & Buddhism
REL 641 Topics in Buddhist Studies: Modern Chinese Buddhism
REL 641 Topics in Buddhist Studies: Dunhuang Studies
REL 670 Spread of Buddhism in Central Asia and China.